Dental Implants

The ultimate solution for replacing one or more teeth

Implant technology has proved to be a very successful way to treat tooth loss for the last 40 years or more. Dental implants replace the roots of your missing teeth in a natural way. They serve as a foundation for a tooth, a bridge or a complete prosthesis. They eliminate all pain and discomfort from a prosthesis. Similar in look and function to natural teeth, implants also feel exactly the same.

Dental implants can improve your quality of life :

  • They prevent the loss of bone and deterioration of the jaw
  • They permit you to chew normally
  • They allow you to regain the normal taste of food
  • They help with eating habits and digestion, improving overall health
  • They secure adjacent teeth in place
  • They mean you can talk and smile with confidence and without worry
  • They offer a permanent solution to missing teeth
  • They free you to live your life fully
  • They preserve the shape of your face
  • They enhance the beauty of your smile

A simple five-step process

Les implants, une intervention simple

01 We invite you to book an appointment for a personalized consultation. In recognition of Dr. Pierre Chouinard’s remarkable accomplishments in implantology, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) bestowed on him a Fellowship certificate at the 33rd World Congress in Barcelona in April 2016.

ICOI Fellowships are highly regarded by dentists since they represent a public acknowledgement of recipients’ work as implantologists, of their respect for the international standards of practice as well as their dedication to the continued development of this technology.

02 In the course of a one brief session, Dr. Chouinard will secure your implant to the bone of your jaw, completely without pain.
03 The implant literally welds to the bone over the course of several weeks.
04 At no point will you be without teeth; a temporary restoration is put in place for the entire healing period.
05 Once the implant has integrated perfectly with the bone, the process to create a dental prosthesis or a new tooth begins.


Who can get implants?
Implants to replace one or more missing teeth can be used by all adults regardless of age. They pose no problem to overall health.
What is the rate of success of implants?
Long-term results show a rate of success of more than 98%.
Does the body ever reject an implant?
The body never rejects an implant in the way a body can reject an organ transplant, for example. The implant itself is made of titanium, which is perfectly compatible with the human body, and it integrates with the bone in several weeks.
Do I need to go to the hospital to get an implant?
The vast majority of implants are carried out in Dr. Chouinard’s dental office.
Are implants painful?
The procedure takes only a few minutes under local anaesthetic. Many people find the procedure less painful than having an ordinary cavity filled. You may be given a painkiller after the procedure if necessary and in some cases it is possible to return to work the same day.
Can I eat normally during the healing process?
For the most part, yes. It is possible that you will be asked to avoid chewing any food that is too hard in the area where the implants have been inserted, but only for a short period.
Will I have temporary teeth to use while I heal?
Yes. Dr. Chouinard will recommend the best option for you according to your own particular situation.
Is getting a dental implant a routine procedure?
Yes. The procedure has been used for dozens of years and is carried out on patients throughout the world.
Are implants covered by insurance?
That depends on your insurance. Many plans cover at least part of the treatments. We advise you to check with your company to know exactly what your plan covers.
How much do implants cost?
Each patient has specific needs and requirements. Various options may be available to you. It is essential that you undergo a complete examination of your mouth in order to develop a serious plan that covers your particular case.
Can I pay in monthly installments?
Of course. Come in and meet our budget coordinator. We’ll come up with a monthly installment plan that best suits your budget.