Aesthetic Rehabilitation

It will make you want to smile the very same day*!

Are you happy with your smile?

Teeth that are crowded, crooked, worn down or stick out can affect the way you look and your ability to chew.

If your teeth’s appearance and/or function make you uncomfortable, then a smile makeover may be the right solution for you. It can rebalance the jaw joints as well as improve other dentals problems.

Some such dental problems may promote tooth decay and gum disease.

A smile makeover can improve a person’s self-confidence, speech, dental hygiene, digestion and appearance.

So why not combine practicality with beauty?

CEREC® technology is an excellent solution for both functional and aesthetic reasons. For the application of a porcelain restoration in one appointment, CEREC® is the only answer*.
Porcelain restorations of the highest quality are carried out at our clinic using CEREC®, a technology that restores teeth in a simple, attractive and durable fashion—and can be done in a single appointment.

Patient of Dr. Chouinard Porcelain restoration
rehabilitation_sourire_drchouinard rehabilitation_sourire_dreMeggarou

*An aesthetic rehabilitation can be done in one day, following a thorough evaluation.