Dr. Pierre Chouinard

Dr. Pierre Chouinard received his degree in dental medicine in 1985 from the Université de Montréal. He is a graduate from the Canadian Institute of Implantology (1999) and from the implantology program at the International Dental Institute (2009).

Over the course of his years in practice, Dr. Chouinard has developed expertise in aesthetic restorations, dental surgery and orthodontics. A well-known expert in implantology, he has transformed his practice into the go-to clinic for patients needing implants.

He is a clinician speaker at the International Dental Institute (IDI), where he shares his experience in implantology with his dental colleagues while teaching and mentoring in its continuing education program.

Dr. Chouinard holds a prestigious ICOI Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments in the field. ICOI Fellowships are highly regarded by dentists since they represent a public acknowledgement of recipients’ work as implantologists, of their respect for the international standards of practice as well as their dedication to the continued development of this technology.

Dr. Chouinard continues to receive training from various specialists in order to maintain the highest standards of dental medicine.
Never losing sight of these strict professional standards, Dr. Chouinard has developed a sound understanding of his patients and their needs which means he can help them choose the course of treatment best suited to their situations.

Dr. Chouinard has practised dental medicine for the last 32 years, 22 of them here in Mercier where he has a devoted and faithful clientele.